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Twisted Metal could have been as big as Call of Duty

Right the title guys, sets the scene, I think Twisted Metal could have been as big as Call of Duty, but everytime something good comes along like this game and I sort of compare it to Blur, admittedly I’m not a huge fan of racing games, so Twisted Metal is more my cup of tea, but Blur was dropped thanks to Call of Duty being so successful, Blur was not given as much funding, all to do with money these days. I decided to air some views that given the right resources and time Twisted Metal or even Blur could make the huge amounts of money that Call of Duty makes, or at least get closer to it.

My point is, Call of Duty games make money because of the multiplayer aspect, it has now got a reasonably good online system. I only have one issue with this, I am not paired in matchups with equally skilled opponents, I would like to see the COD franchise ultilize, the accuracy and kill to death ratio stats to pit me against people as good as me, not insanely better. Anyhoo, back to my point Twisted Metal is soooo much fun online, it has its problems as we all know from the fact that it is a sony exclusive and first try out on the PS3 meaning connectivity has had its problems and maybe due to the lack of enthusiasm from outside the US, Twisted Metal has not got the push it deserves, it had been gone for a long time, most die hard Twisted Metal fans in the UK have probably forgotten it to be honest and would easier remember, games such as vigilante and I have heard Carmageddon being mentioned as a similar sort of idea to Twisted Metal too.

I think if they looked at all the cars ever to face off in a Twisted Metal game and made a few more fresh cars, the game could be pretty epic. Another thing that COD hasn’t done which I would love to see is porting old maps into the new games, allowing say MW2 maps to come out on MW3 game maybe tweak them a little to freshen them towards the new game modes, but yeah the same could be done with Twisted Metal. I can see the Paris map from World Tour, revamped would be really fun to play on the new PS3 version same with the Fields of Holland with the windmills. I really think after hearing somewhere that Jaffe is not going to be contracted to the game come April and this probably means no DLC, no updates etc why revive the game and just throw it back on the trash heap? Maybe there is some possibility that they will come back to TM but I really feel they never even gave it a chance šŸ˜¦

Issues I have with Twisted Metal are few, why is there a racing level, its not about racing, but I do like the way they have done it so its only a minor thing, its too hard for me at the moment I’m stuck on it. Ā The cage match is also fun but seems very hard to do with anyone other than Sweet Tooth. I fear the game sometimes seems to be constantly cheating me out of kills online as people can kill me with a few shots where as I fail after emptying a full weapons bay? Also the skins customizable before release then not customizable now, how did that happen??

Any thoughts, feel free to comment, anyone love to see a second Twisted Metal on PS3 or on PS4??

Thanks for reading,



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