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WWE 12 at it again in WWE Universe Mode

I am currently in the process of getting the grandslam trophy with Kurt Angle, at the point of this funny incident I just had to share, I had won the World and Intercontinental Title’s. I was in a tag team with Cody Rhodes which I am trying to disband and trying to instil a bit of a rivlary with the WWE champion RVD and if possible The Rock who is the current US champ. So I booked Kurt Angle in a match against The Rock, non title, hoping to get the ball rolling with the United States Title. I beat The Rock and tried to exit, but oh no WWE Universe had something planned for this, the end of Nitro was upon us and WWE Champion RVD, took his WWE Title from my hands hit me with it, then left the ring leaving me down with his WWE title. surely he should have took the belt with him? Also why did I have the belt? RVD didn’t run down with the belt in hand anyway. So that was the strange thing. So in keeping with the WWE Universe’s wishes at Fatal 4 Way, after defending my Intercontinental Title, not having a World Title defense, I proceeded to put myself in the WWE Title match replacing The Miz, to take on Sting, The Undertaker and RVD, successfully capturing the WWE Title and getting one step closer to my grandslam title run. I think I have 3 so I figure the tag team and US titles are the ones I need, all being well I should manage those before end of week. A hidden trophy eludes me, I have fans now, just one hidden trophy left and to be honest I think it might be glitching out on me, a submission trophy I think it is. Who knows, after I have the Grand Slam Trophy I will be opening my universe up more giving different people the belts and mixing things up a lot more, but I really wish I had a fool proof way of getting the last hidden trophy and the Platinum 🙂 

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