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EWR – revamped?? – my thoughts

I am a big fan of the old EWR Revenge series, I keep going back for a while and doing some more years, but I am constantly coming up with ideas to make it better. Some have maybe been implemented into the new series Adam Ryland has done, however I do not have the funds to buy something that realistically I don’t know if I would like and I often prefer to test run a game for a while and see if I really want to buy it. Unless it is under £10 in which case I might just buy it, but I believe his latest game is around £25 for a download copy, this adds to my likelyhood of needing to get it under £10 as its not possible for trade in or resale at a later date.

So back to my ideas, I often found that guys who in the wrestling world had been billed with russian or italian gimmicks could not pull off the relevant gimmicks because they are from america. I find this stupid and frustrating, so this is how I would fix it. Wrestlers should have a selection of language options, or cultural background slots. This would allow them to have say Arabic/Australian/British/Canadian/American/Italian/Russian/Japanese/Chinese gimmicks without being from there. WWE of course is often about acting talent and this along with the stuff mentioned before could determine how successful the gimmick is. Say the guy wants to do a British Snob gimmick like William Regal’s, in order for this to work it might need either British language option to be ticked or acting above 95. This could also exclude someone who is not from an english speaking country, for instance someone from japan would automatically need the language option ticked, acting skill would not help matters unless the language option was ticked. It is a little complicated but it would be more flexible for americans to allow them to play British/Russian/Italian wrestlers, this happens in real wrestling so why not now.

Obviously I like the gimmicks on offer but I want more all the time, as the real world shows me more ideas or I think of more myself, it would be nice to add more gimmicks, we could create the parameters for them ourselves, this adds a lot of customization and depths. Some of these gimmicks available would just need little tweaks but it seems a shame to lose the original to gain something new. For instance, the Teen Idol gimmick can in John Cena’s case cross over with Clean Cut gimmick and then Franchise Player, but so can the Bad Ass gimmick when applied to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Also the degenerate gimmick was given parameters limiting either tweener or heel I believe, this is slightly wrong because Degeneration X were often seen as faces.

I am not sure if this comes in to  the game later on, but when wrestlers retire from the active roster, I was thinking it would be nice if we could offer them deals as staff, particlurarly seen as Booker T moved in to commentary and Stone Cold into the Training aspect of it.

EWR brings all my favourite wrestlers under one game, I can easily bring Ken Shamrock, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and RVD into one promotion given the right time and effort. I did once create a game data with all my favourite WWE/F wrestlers from all time in my roster and see which ones I could keep, you quickly find guys like Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and such get boring after a few feuds because there are limited number of superstars on the roster with high technical attributes. New superstars with high technical attributes or even high brawling attributes suffer due to the lower card not having these higher skilled wrestlers to feud with. I found if you get two openers who have high skill and feud them it will boost them, but be sure to have them develop a little by fighting others first.


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