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MW3 Elite Content – disappointment much?

I would like to show my support for elite members feeling hard done by, I feel ya, this guy in particular who posted a video, with his comments on elite content.

I have played so far, Piazza, Liberation, Overwatch and Black Box online, if they did indeed say they would help fix issues with campers and snipers then yeah they fucked up with Liberation and although the maps all look pretty amazing, they just don’t get me excited like Resistance, Arkaden, Lockdown, Interchange and Bakaara. Better yet look at Black Ops maps; Nuke Town, Firing Range, Summit, Launch and Hotel. I think Treyarch just make the better COD games, the bots feature on it really gives me the plus points, I can join up with a few mates at home, two PS3’s = 4 players online either with bots or generally online, we just have a blast swatting bots and getting warmed up before going online.

MW3 needs a better system for matching people up, I am a bit terrible at times and other times pretty good, generally because I can’t be dealing with patient sniping camping losers, they always kill me or at least for a few times before i can get them back. I feel a game mode, where you have to keep moving would be awesome, this would need some serious though as if you kicked people who stayed still for a certain length of tim, this might sometimes not work, people might be waiting for an opponent to forget about them or you might sometimes be stuck, but also to die might not bother everyone, whereas getting kicked is more likely to as they lose xp.

Anyway now with that said what do I think of each map, first of all can I note that this is my first impressions, I have played Piazza the most so I’ll start with that one.


Piazza has a lot of different levels, stairs and archways, a few open bits and having played it on Survival feel it has a good flow. Online I found this map to be a lot easier to play, maybe I was lucky but you’ll see what I mean after the other maps


This map is terrible, it looks good and that is it only redeeming quality, I might have been unlucky but it is way too open and I just got sniped by all the little campers, I didn’t play this as much as any other map even the new one which I only played a little of today.

I feel I should give Black Box and Overwatch more time to settle in before I judge them, but seriously Infinity Ward need to realise we paid for this, we expect better, Piazza is ok, you need to improve and what is the deal with cheaping out on PS3 users?

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  1. yeah its like with battlefield 3, their releasing an unlock pack for all weapons and attachments and that it is runinging the leveling up system for those who have played since the inital release of the game.

    April 17, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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