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Hopes for Borderlands 2

I am soooo excited for Borderlands 2, I have the first one on PS3 now, was originally playing it on xbox360 but sold my xbox after getting a pc, I have had a few issues with the PS3 and am by no means in favour of either console, however I am still ploughing through the first game on PS3 and am hoping in time to go through the expansions that I have waiting.

I wanted to get down to what I want to see with Borderlands 2 though. First of all I would like to thank Gearbox for proving they can up the ante, as I have already seen an amazing amount of different colours, which was one thing a lot of my friends were always moaning about. So the classic “Bazillion Guns” situation in this game I feel was a bit of a slight embellishment on their part in the first game, I hope this isn’t the case in the second installation. I don’t want to see the same gun with slightly better accuracy and slightly more damage with a slightly different name, that isn’t really what we want. I have heard promising things though.

So I would love to be able to create my own guns, maybe this is a bit early in the series but if some parts were occassionaly picked up, or something similar to dead island and dead rising 2, a workbench where we can make our own guns? I know modders will bring stuff out but why not build it into the game itself?

I am a big fan of the news that we will be able to drop in co-op play and will be lovin this advantage, the mission and quest system changes seem to be positive too, I think turning off missions quests, where you don’t do the missions but you still have the marker of it, so you know where the team is going but you’re just earning XP, would be a nice option too.

If possible I would love a demo, I’m on PS3 and often find they lack a great selection of demo’s, I’d love to see a Borderlands 2 online beta aswell, I’ll be ordering it on PS3 and would love to play a little earlier than everyone else, but being in the UK limits that 😦


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