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MW3 on PS3 online

Ok guy so, its been a while, I lost both my pc and laptop in this last month or two, so just got one up and running so I am able to get back online, been playing MW3 a lot online with friends on thursdays and weekends, then sometime dabbling other nights on my own. I am a little annoyed, but before anyone expects me to jump on to hating campers and snipers, quick scopers and the like, I wanted to reiterate to myself and everyone reading, I suck at MW3, I’m not drastically shit, but I’m not far off, am pretty sure my sort of cousin could and would beat me easily and he is only around about 9 years old. I am not claiming that all these problems mentioned above are the cause of my terrible results, but I want a simple solution. It has been done before, granted not very well but I am sure Treyarch or Infinity Ward and Activision combined can come up with a solution similar that will aid players such as myself.

I want to be able to play against people of my own skill level, I’m not interested really in clans, I play online when I can and don’t stick to a constant schedule, apart from thursday nights I have a few friends round for some Black Ops bots or MW3 online or something similar, all I want is to be rated on my accuracy, my kill to death ratio and then pitted against people with a similar skill in those areas,  I hate going into one game where I am getting owned by some guy who has no challenge being in the game because he is owning the shit out of everyone in there, but equally I find it slightly annoying when I am owning everyone in the room on an objective game cos everyone is clueless and me and my friend are working together to bring our scores up doing objectives together and watching each others backs.

Halo did something like this and I know there are issues with it that might deter developers from trying to work this out, but I would at least like some form of solution similar. I am an elite member as I like to experience all the maps and content if I like a game. I’ve never been good at Call of Duty, I have the odd victory when me and my friends play together with a selection of bots, but that is very rare as a friend of  mine is a little bit better and often a spawny git! Seriously though  I think a lot of people would go for this kind of system, where you are matched into online games based on skill level rather than just some random network credentials. Ok, well if anyone agrees please feel free to comment and let me know.

On another note I had to mention that in a Team Defender game on Arkaden, I got another flukey semtex kill through a window, pretty proud of it, I’d love to share it with you but MW3’s theater is a bit pants and I just can’t be sure how exactly to get a good rendition of it myself, I have uploaded it to my vault however so people can watch the match I believe?

Thanks for reading,



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