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Dream Interpretation

Ok, I had a strange dream and wanted to interpret it by finding some information online, first of all this is a little description of my dream, just the main things or ones that I picked up on.

Firstly I was in my Aunty Janet’s garden, it seemed to be a gathering of sorts. Next I noticed two lionesses in the corner of the garden, more on this shortly. Then I remember turning to a lass and getting the distinct impression this was my wife. Anyway back to the lionesses, I was scared to approach them at first, but eventually I got close enough and stroked one’s mane, yeah lionesses don’t have manes, this is strange huh? It gets better though, the lion now turned to me and said “Welcome to the war, Jaws” calling me Jaws, hmmm weird, this is the bit I’m most intrigued and confused by. If anyone has any ideas please do comment.

So after finding a site online, I noted a few key things on symbolism in dreams, Lion can mean something to do with leadership, connection to Aunt would be intuition, gut instinct and garden signals something to do with development, there were various bits and pieces extra to that part but I couldn’t clearly interpret that part. The last bit was the marriage bit, which I’m still unsure of. I also considered the theory that this dream was created from the latest stuff going on in my life. So here I go trying to work it out that way.

I have seen my Aunty quite recently and I do remember gatherings in her back garden very well, always brought the family together and was a good event. The Lion thing could be linked to the fact I answered the quiz on Britain Unzipped and picked to prefer to talk to animals, but also me and some friends have been talking about the possibility of some form of evolution occuring in 2012, I’m not saying I expect us to talk to animals but maybe this is a symbolism of a spirit world war or spirits have an interest in this war, drawing on the thought of it being a spirit guide. Anyway I’m still trying to prove if over analysing this stuff is worth it and is it something simple like a link to my thoughts in waking hours?

Any thoughts feel free to comment.



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