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Going Up! 3rd Time Lucky . . .

Well I finally have my pc back, got it fixed last wednesday, had a little relapse I think since then but it seems to have just been a blip on anotherwise sunny horizon. Yes since wednesday things have picked up proper for me. The sun has been out in force and I was thoroughly enjoying it on friday afternoon. Sat in The Parish beer garden soaking it in, in pre-celebration for my local football team finally returning to the championship, obviously I didn’t know we would go up but yes Huddersfield Town are back in the Championship or rather the second tier of football.

I have to confess that we heard about the crash on the motorway before the game and did not expect it to kick off on time, we heard 4pm, so my friend and I went to quickly grab some cider from the local booze busters before the long walk down to the working mens club where my mum, dad and friends were eagerly cheering on the terriers. We got there at 86mins to find a 0-0 draw. What? Are you serious? That was a big shock, both sides were big on goals and it shocked me it was goalless, it seems we had missed little but I quickly realised Town were clearly the better side on the day.

Penalties loomed and I’ll be honest I couldn’t bear to watch. I do feel a penalty for Huddersfield should have been given somepoint in the game and heard many murmurs of agreement. I daren’t watch the shootout and stood with the landlord of the pub round the corner from the TV somewhat only looking once the rest of the punters had cheered. I was at Old Trafford last year when we should have gone up, being around 8/9 points clear of Peterborough, but they did walk all over us and deserved to win. This year Sheffield were shown the same door out of promotion and I’m pleased that it was 3rd time lucky for Huddersfield. I’ll never forget the atmosphere at the club, the crazy mad man, screaming at everyone, kissing another bloke and scaring him a little. Dashing out promptly to what I can only guess would be one long night of heavy drinking in celebration and maybe just maybe, result in a lost voice come sunday morning.

So all in all an amazing weekend topped off by a few games of “free” pool at another working mens club and a film I’m still not sure if I had seen before . . . “Man On Fire”. Worth a watch if you haven’t already seen it. Kidnapping, corrupt cops and torture. Now bring on the open top bus and celebrations in town centre!

Back soon,



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