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Borderlands 2 update, gimme gimme gimme

I REALLY REALLY CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!! So yeah hi guys, I found new footage of Borderlands 2, probably that most people have seen as it was 11th may when it was posted, but figured people might want it all here in one place or the links will be at least. Also going to add my thoughts on what I’ve seen.

So what have I seen? Well, so far recently, I’ve watched some footage showing character customization, I saw most amusingly, a gunzerker with an afro. This really intrigues me, I want to know more. Can we expect to see loot in chests that give us more options to customize our characters, maybe bandits will drop bits of their clothes that you can add to certain classes? Can we expect to see dlc for customizable skins, or premium content for premium members?

Here is that video for those who haven’t seen it yet. 

So what else is new for Borderlands 2 well gamespot have done a few good videos, one detailing enemies encountered, on their playthrough of two levels. I guess I aren’t that much a fan of the enemies myself or maybe I just want to see them and actively play against them before making judgement but we shall see. I was more interested in the cool new guns going on, I am a huge fan of the theory of lots of different guns that Borderlands brings, so with the guns looking a lot better this time round, I just can’t wait to test them out. I was a big fan of TK’s Shotgun, but it just didn’t pack enough power for me once you got past the missions round that level. The enemies however look pretty hard and a lot more varied, but we have only seen two areas and possibly a clip or two elsewhere. I will link the gamespot videos below for you but really this is a must pre-order game, personally i’d go for the middle option for expensive but good value option, as I am from Amazon unless Gamestation or GAME can match the pre-order price.

so yeah thanks for reading and see ya on pandora!




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