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Borderlands 2 – buy it!

I wanted to write something about someone right now but I can’t do it because it would be petty

So I figured I’d write a fictional tale about a planet I know so here’s how it goes :

I’ll see you on Pandora with a corrosive sniper

We can take claptrap to hijack the overseer and take Jack down, yeah

We’ll  go searching for Moxxi’s photo’s but who shall we take them to?

I don’t know yet

This is the Borderlands, soon to be 5 classes and a bazillion or more guns,

You will love it, I know because this is the second time round

The world is more bright and colourful,

The guns are full of variety and there’s much more loot

A world of bullet penetration insanity

To let your inner Gunzerker loose

Lock your enemies on another plane

Watch those carefully before they turn super bad ass

This is the Borderlands, welcome to the game!


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