Allsorts of Stuff

Dazed, Lost and Confused

I stop and think about my next move

She is confusing me with her persistant deception

Another face, she is consoling me but not doing anything

It doesn’t make sense


I’m lost, time is moving at a faster rate than I

People seem to be around but on another planet

Motivation and Patience escapes me

Maybe it was because she never said goodbye


I feel like I’m tripping constantly in a daze

Time never stops but I am always behind

The blind fumble through a life of no purpose

Lead me to believe I cannot connect


Though my words are often read

Often comments left

Posts are liked

I am still somewhat restricted within my own circles



Controlled somehow, kept at a distance

What for? Why? To achieve something?

Maybe they did this to me

Am I useful only with these restrictions placed upon me


Do they fear my words and my ideas

Am I but one of many trapped inside a metaphorical prison

Has someone I know swallowed the key by giving up on me

Did he give up on me, to this Hypochondriasis

Am I to live with this and deal with it without his guidance

Is it even good guidance he offers with his medication


I am but one man, one mind, in a circle of misfortune

Locked in our own imaginations

Without the key


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