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Writing – Where to Start?

People sometimes ask me how do I write lyrics where do my ideas come from, where do I start? Well I figured I’d write a little bit about that for people to have that window on my creative process.

When I was younger say from 15 onwards until maybe 20/21 I sometimes took to writing lyrics from some pain or hurt caused by a recent romance, I have on one occassion wrote a special poem/lyrics about a special girl I met on holiday, it was difficult for me as I was inexperienced in that area at the time and just wrote from the heart, she liked it, thought I was sweet but as I was inspired to write it by the fact I saw her with another guy the night before it felt a moot point. I wore my heart on my sleeve then and have come to realise its not always a good idea. I try time and time again to restrain myself and be more relaxed these days. So as I got older I have ended up in my one and only slightly serious relationship, I didn’t write much during this time, I think it was because there was too much going on, a lot of it was good times, but always there was some drama or issue. I missed writing and I think after the relationship broke down I started to get my spark back into writing. I have now seen my writing develop and concentrate more on issues in the world or interests of mine that I’d like to comment on, most recently some will have seen my writing on borderlands, a game that I play on PS3.

I don’t understand how people cannot write about things, I find it ridiculously easy at times to write, it may not be perfect but I can often drag emotion and words out of my mind to put them on paper or screen. I don’t force it though, if I don’t have a lot to say, or if my words seem to be stalling, I leave it and come back later, or don’t bother at all. I’m often getting a few lines in my head randomly and just make a note of them, or draft them here on wordpress. Another way in which I feel my writing is encouraged is by the many books I read, I read mainly Sci-Fi/Fantasy books, notable authors include ; Garth Nix, David Gemmell, Trudi Canavan and JK Rowling.

So I’ll leave you with a short poem or few words to tickle your senses:


Working by candlelight

The old man pondered the words to lift his spirits

A lengthy struggle with his mind ensued

Upon what was right and wrong to post online

When the power returned


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