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OJO Agent – My Tips

Ok so I started playing this game on facebook a while ago, I stopped playing for a time and come back to it mind, I still love the game just thought I’d share some of my tips.

So I have around 27 years experience clocked on this game, not in real time, in game experience. I have spent a fair few facebook credits on the game and being honest I’m not so keen that I felt I had to do that. I like the idea of building up a roster of my favourite athletes and bringing them together under my agency. So what tips do I have for someone starting out? Well, first of all, write down where you started, because for some reason OJO agent doesn’t have a feature to find this later in the game, some agendas have required me to sign clients from my area, or my city, this is easily solved by looking at the pitch points before you can sign the athlete but still always handy to have.

The game has a fire meter and this is useful when you get it to buy all the fire only gifts you can, if you have the money and get a fire entertainment or pitch or networking event going. This nicely brings me on to getting to this stage, where you can get money enough to buy expensive stuff. A lot of people are complaining when they get later on in the game that its too easy, but I’m the opposite and this is because I don’t have many high earners on my roster. I would advise getting a couple of high earners, ones with higher capacity on your roster. I also think spreading your clients around different teams can work, as more chance of bonuses for your clients. I’m a big fan of the prospects system and its often a good idea to keep your clients happy and in turn throw a little to your prospects, max them out before trying to sign them to give you the maximum change of signing them. Scout new prospects sometimes too, I usually scan for really big earners or favourite athletes using this.

I guess taking advantage of most of the powerups is my only other tip, I would stay away from generating agendas ones as they might decrease happiness and lose you money, but feel free to ask if you have anymore questions, or just post on the OJO Agent wall. Definitely a good team when it comes to support, although I do get frustrated sometimes, just the way it is I guess. For those english among us, they are talking about including more soccer players, fingers crossed in time for the new season!



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