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Funny Football Dream

Right I just had to share this, just woke up from a dream and it was strange, a little funny if you ask me. I was at a football match with my dad only for some reason we were sat at the touchline, not in the stands. The first funny strange thing was that kids were going onto the pitch when our team got a corner and helping them up for headers. Then it skipped on and the opposing team looked like they were going to score, scrappy but really putting pressure on us, at this point I was watching from behind our goal, so then I looked and saw a wave of people in opposition shirts running towards our goal, they were fans in there running towards the goal, mad eh? Well I missed out the fact that the police came and told the kids off for helping their team, but I asked him why the linesman didn’t stop them, they didn’t reply, the linesman did turn and give me a cold stare though.

Amusing to say the least, just had to share as the first person I tried to share it with was more interested in playing a tune on his new portable speaker, meh


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