Allsorts of Stuff

Wrestling with Romance

I know little of how to play “the game”, I am just fumbling through the motions

I can be charming, witty, romantic and sweet

But also useless, hurtful and blunt

I am not perfect but I try


I do not know, nor shall I ever know what you want from me

I wonder if I should keep trying

Would it be a mistake to chase you

Would I only ruin it, ruin my own and your life


I’m scared I’ll never feel that deemed to be true love

Jaded by the hurt of years gone past

I know you have your own darkened history

Still I often think I might brighten your present day


My mind and heart are both in mirrored conflict

With each other and themselves at war

Confusion and a taste of unfinished business

Cloud my senses


I could dive in and go for it all

I could cut you out forever

I could bargain for a little taste to keep me going

But to what ends?


Torment running deep within me

We ignore it, but can we carry on doing so

Wrestling with romance or whatever you think it is


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