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Olympics – Who Cares . . .

Ok so this weekend the olympics begins, I have never been interested in it before and now it is being held in my country, I still am not really bothered, the closest I get to being bothered is finding out if a bomb might go off or the opening ceremony is really going to a blast, I’m not sure it’d make sense for either “Terrorists” or the “Illuminati” or anyone to do an attack unless they are severely unhinged from their human selves. I am a big fan of football, the proper football none of that american tripe. I like Ice Hockey, but more interested in playing NHL games on my console than watching it partly because my eyes can’t follow the puck very well and I don’t exactly support the greatest of teams, Calgary Flames. I’m a little disappointed that a lot of the adverts are olympics related, the whole world is focused on this event. I will probably end up flicking through the TV and having a look at some of the events, but only to see what all the fuss is about. I’m not a sporty person as you can probably tell, commercialised music etc doesn’t entertain me much so neither does this. I hope everyone enjoys it, but for me I don’t give a hoot. Its not because im british and cynical, I’m just not bothered.
On another note BORDERLANDS 2 is sooo close now, first though lets not get ahead of ourselves, Sleeping Dogs comes out on 17th August 2012, 3 weeks today! 2 weeks after this I have my first birthday party djing doing the “birthday” music style thing, well 60th Birthday, its my auntie’s 64th and my dads 60th so should be fun. I already plan on dropping “When I’m 64” by The Beatles for my auntie, then my dad has requested that Moody Blues – “Go Now ” be the last song of the night, I think this is very fitting and think everyone should have it as their last song at parties etc, so here it is . . . . .



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