Allsorts of Stuff

A little Sinister plot

You pull the wool over people’s eyes, they don’t see what I see

The immature, deceptive, fake void that you are


If I had the power and was as corrupt as you

I would have so many ways to deal with you

I can only write about it, as I am not like you


I think I might start with taking you away from everyone, putting you in a maze of glass mirrors

Making the light very dim, so that the shadows play tricks on you

I’d have a few little surprises round the corners, to curdle your stomach

Maybe some maggots, writhing in a bowl of your favourite soup, if you don’t like soup, maybe it’ll be ice cream


Once you are clearly, distressed by this little maze of horrors

I will open the door and whisk you to a place of further isolation, a building on a small island, a high cliff

I’ll tempt you with the lure of your favourite music blasting out

Then as you enter the door will lock and inside will be silence

To think about what you have done, why you are here


I will after sometime get bored of hearing you whimper or whatever your reaction might be

Then I will drop a ladder into the room to haul yourself out of this torment

And into,not the island you entered from but a replica of your garden

A flase sense of security to watch your happy face fall from you

When I reveal the inner workings of a dark cave


Then I will give you a phone and a note

Showing you the exact co-ordinates of where you are

The exact co-ordinates of your own garden are exactly the same

So you can torment yourself by asking everyone who wants to

To try and find you


But they won’t

Not until you realise why you’re here


2 responses

  1. Max

    Great poem

    July 28, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    • djpixc

      thanks, just good to let it out sometime

      July 29, 2012 at 11:24 am

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