Allsorts of Stuff

Notice How It Is

I notice how it goes with you

I share my life with people, I do not hide

I rarely lie about anything important


You sneak, you scheme, you plot and decieve

You moan about how I shouldn’t be able to say what I want

But you hide what you say, so that nobody can judge


You act a lot younger because people will just give you leeway

I act like myself, without fake and hidden

I have had a life of rocky bumps in the road but still stayed as true to myself

I don’t fit in, I do not want to, I like being different most of the time


You try to control and dominate situations

I let you be, you pester me

I ignore, you incite

I wonder why then

So many people still cannot see through you


Why am I left feeling like everyone thinks I’m in the wrong

Maybe its because I don’t need that support

I’m doing fine on the surface, coping with your outbursts


This is how I can cope

By sharing it with the world because those who should care

No longer show it


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