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If I was Really That Powerful

Power corrupts, I hope I never have so much power that I can do what I want

When you get that power, it changes you

But if I had so much more power than I do

Oh some things would be so different for me now

I’d use it to get me money to make me successful

I’d use that success to get me more money

All of this is key to any plans anyone would ever have regarding power

Then you can distribute this money however you wish, for good or evil

I’d give a sizeable sum to my family, to help them along

I’d give a sizeable sum to some friends, to help them along

I’d get on the phone to Richard Branson and start talking

Cos Richard, I want a rave

I want a rave on train

I want all my favourite DJs, local and global

I want all the people I’ve become fond of to revel in a journey unprecidented in the realms of time and space

I want to finish it off in Berlin with a massive tribute to  Kraftwerk and Schranz/Hard Techno music

I’d have three carriages of different music

Ambient more chilled out stuff including Dub, Reggae, Jazz in the chillout section

Hard Techno, Schranz, Gabber and Hardstyle in another

Lastly Psytrance, Electro and Breaks in the final carriage

I want a few pickups, we start in my home town of Huddersfield, the train station is pretty well known and listed

We head from there to pick up one of my best friends, some people with him from Aberdeen, yeah long journey but its only the beginning

Then we come back down calling at Newcastle, party central, home of many stag do’s

We then head to Manchester one of the biggest scenes for music for me

We head almost back home to Leeds the most amazing city for my music tastes so far in my life, Riff Raff, Cabbage, Sunrise and Remedy crew all aboard!

So we picked up the majority of my friends by now, I’ll be honest a few are a long way off

I love my dubstep, all be it mainly less wobbly stuff, so we couldn’t fail to miss out Bristol so onwards to Bristol

Now I’d quite like to go to the centre of the whole country next, Birmingham, I’m a bit of a Villa fan so lets stop at New Street and pick some Villa fans up.

So the party is pretty banging im guessing by this stage, I don’t care much for London I’ve had any desire to go there, but its the capital so can hardly leave it out

Many of my favourite DJs have no doubt played some good stuff there too, so London would be our final stop in this country

Ok we are missing a few more people, i’m not a big fan of france but if a certain someone isn’t already on the train

Due to a message from me and a nice flight up north, then we have to call in to Belgium, to pick her up

At present seeing some DJ so one more for the road eh?

So I can’t think of many places left now, that I’d rather be than Berlin at this stage

Where it all began, electronic music, with Kraftwerk

So seen as we are all hear lets express this motherfucker to Berlin!

Party on a train, its the vision,  a rave all the way to Berlin

Not a road trip, a rail trek

Virgin Trains and Noroch present – – –  “RAVE ON A TRAIN” ©T.Newsome 04/08/12  (if you want rave on a train gimme a hell yeah!)

very very unlikely to happen but would be so awesome!


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