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Musical Inspiration has Struck

Ok, for those who started following me due to my musical leanings, whether it be my tutorials, my music or just to keep tabs on what I’m listening to, I feel I have drifted away from the main reason I setup this blog, it was for my music, for my thoughts on music, to share and create, to teach a little about how I make music. I think this has in the main fallen by the wayside, because I want to make tutorial videos, I however can’t seem to find a way of doing this with video editing software that allows me to record my own voice as I make the video and the sound from ableton, record the screen also in windows, soundflower seems to be the choice in mac users. I am familiar with Eidus and if anyone knows of anyone who has used this to make videos of a similar nature with it, then let me know.

I also feel I have been feeling a little more deep and moody, leaning more towards my poetry or writing about my feelings I guess. I want to re-address the balance somewhat and have a major announcement to make :


I have been working on something new, I will put a few buzz words here to give you some idea; ambient, industrial, strange, dub, 4×4 and dark. It is something I have been edging towards with my unfinished stuff I think, wanting to do a more darker style for my Noroch persona. It is almost finished, I’m struggling with a melodic bit but this is the final sort of piece before I look at playing it on a few systems to test its quality and possibly a final few touch ups.

So yeah, I want to do more tutorials, especially seen as I have found very little on using my Gladiator 2 synth, a powerful HCM Synthesis, well worth the price I paid for it 🙂


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