Allsorts of Stuff

Had to

Ok so I keep coming back to you

We don’t know each other

I just keep thinking if I were to write what would I write about you?


So I had to get my head around what I know

Had to push through the clouds of time to find the right words

I imagine you to be a little bitter inside but with  a store of fire and warmth waiting for whoever is willing to search for it

Yes, a slightly solitary breeze, fresh but slightly cold until you reach a little deeper within


I know nothing of your mannerisms for I cannot see them

I imagine you might latch on to someone quickly but when hurt recoil for a long time to reassess the situation

Confidence is a confused perception maybe for you, you exude it but don’t feel that you are

Much like the rest of the world I think but not afraid to admit it like everyone else


If I was closer, I’d love to know the fire inside

I’d revel in being around someone to draw the warmth out and show it to everyone

Not a trophy but just so people could see deep down you are worth a lot more than some people think


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