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Sleeping Dogs – First Impressions

Ok, so I finally got Sleeping Dogs yesterday, I am a fan of open world games and this would be a new experience, having never really given the True Crime games a good play. Yes, for those who don’t know Sleeping Dogs was meant to be released as True Crime: Hong Kong by Activision I believe, but this title got saved and I’m so far loving it.

So I knew what to expect in some part due to the many videos I watched in the run up to this excellent title. My initial reaction was, the graphics are pretty good but they don’t stand out, as much as I reckon some hardcore gamers will be wanting but they work. This is an open world game, I cannot stress this enough, the car handling is being slated online a lot and while I agree that the handling on the bikes and cars leaves something to be desired, the game is open world, it is not first and foremost a driving game. Better handling or custom settings like that in Test Drive Unlimited 2 might have helped but its not a big thing for me.

My first problem with the game was in combat, a few people online are saying combat is too easy, I really hope they don’t make it harder, because although it is relatively easy, I find your health goes down way too easy. It doesn’t really regenerate enough for me when you escape combat for a while. The combat is good but at times I find myself frustrated having to wait and counter more than anything. I like the variations and will stick it out because although a challenge to dig deep for some patience, I love the system, it is simple and it works.

I have found it similar to Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto but I just appreciate this more than  Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row games are just a lot more fun for me and this is proving to be as much fun, the combat element drives this fun along with the free running that is done a lot better than in Brink, this may be a completely different system and style but Brink’s free run seemed very jumpy and scatty. The chase, where you clamber over lots of obstacles is real fun, disarming a cop after vaulting over a table, stuff like that appeals to me.

The story so far is gripping, seems to hold my attention whilst not tearing away from the gameplay of a free open world game. I feel that at a push some of the side missions tie in with the story even when you don’t do them in any particular order. Some of the side missions give you face points to help access different looks and probably other things, but that is what I have found so far. Anyone who is bored waiting for GTA 5 should definitely give it a go, the game is by far more fun than the last few GTA’s I have played, Saints Row 3 didn’t grab me like the first 2 did, I don’t know why. I figured it might be because it is the same look and so I just see it is an extension and the novelty factor kind of wears off a lot quicker. Anyway Sleeping Dogs is fresh, fun and for me a little frustrating.

In conclusion I’d definitely give it a go, but don’t expect great handling, don’t expect it to be really amazing, but do expect to enjoy it and have fun, plenty to do and a pretty good storyline.

Sleeping Dogs First Impressions : 8.5/10

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