Allsorts of Stuff

Pulling Me Away

I feel the world pulling me away from here

I feel the pain of solitude surrounded by people

Music keeps me alive

I want to be free of all stress and pressure, but can only gain such a small reprieve


Emotionless is not something I could understand

I seethe with passion, pain and pulse with fear

This is not unusual, this is just me

I wish I could function this into something to draw her near, whoever she might be


I’m just clutching at half cut straws

With my almost sober disposition and lack of finesse

I can only dream and dream I shall

For fear of losing all hope


So these urges that keep pulling me away from here

Keep on keeping me dreaming of her

Whoever she may be

I’m trying, I won’t give up, maybe I just need a little help

Pull a little harder?

Who knows


Maybe two of you are pulling me in opposite directions

Maybe I’m gluing myself here for some reason

Something however,

Keeps pulling me away


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