Allsorts of Stuff

Nico’s Story (bit of prose)

As he lay awake, he thinks of her, her milky flesh and slender figure. He wonders what it would be like to be around her right now. Wonders if she was laying next to him would she be asleep, would he be asleep, having that warmth of companionship once again. Tossing and turning into the night he wrestles with the thought of waking next to her, maybe she would wake him, with a nice surprise.

Nico often rose late in the morning, sometimes even the afternoon, he figured when he needed to awake, he would realign his sleeping patterns. For now there wasn’t much need to sleep. He checked the time on his phone, 12:12, so it was almost noon in reality, he set his phone fast so that he was hardly ever late for anything. It was handy but sometimes it meant he was left hanging around waiting . . . .


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