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Sleeping Dogs Story

Well I completed the Sleeping Dogs Story, just wanted to give my thoughts on it. Beware there may be some spoilers although I will try not to give any big points away. My first point and one of the big points for me is the difficulty, now I’m not sure if it can be changed but the game is pretty easy, I know this not because I did everything first time and sailed through it however. It does occasionally throw the odd challenge, as you go along but a lot of people have been saying online that they found it too easy. This for me is a refreshing outlook as I very rarely find a game easy, I struggle to fully complete games, my only completed story I remember being Bioshock.

One of my big positives for the story was the relationships between characters that developed over time. Wei the character you play is undercover and thus has to build relationships with both cops and triads. When he early on ends up dating random women he meets throughout the story it is kind of strange that you only see them once or twice, then they are gone. I would have liked more of this, admittedly that is less story based and more side missions, so back to the story. The ending for me, don’t worry no spoilers here is clever, interesting and open ended.

The story does feel a little short but this must be described with the phrase, quality over quantity. The story is gripping, the activities and extra bits add some depth to the linear style, but with obvious choices coming in combat sections. You might want to throw one guy into a bin, or crush him under a security window.  I wanted to get to the end of the story it felt worth my time, which as a more pick up and have a quick blast of that, or have a good session on MW3 or Fifa or w.e.

All in all I would have liked more story, feeling that this is the half way point where it ends, rather than the end itself. I wonder if we will see a sleeping dogs 2, there is definitely scope for it. Based on this I’d give the story an 8/10

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