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My Gunzerker

OK so I’m really excited for Borderlands 2, I will be heading down to GameStation to get my copy Thursday night as they are doing a midnight launch. I was on chat on PSN with a few Reapers and one said he had his build for Zero all figured out, so I headed over to Borderlands 2 website, to find out how he did it. Its true you can work out your builds online now. Direct link is to the gunzerker page not sure if it will have the stats I used already entered, but its easy to reset if it does. You can also quickly get to the other classes if you’d prefer. So here is a screen shot of my Gunzerker build. This focuses on Gunzerking, with a little tanking ability thrown in for good measure. In my opinion this would be the truest build of a Gunzerker, just because the slight health skills and major gunzerking skills, will focus on maximum damage best I could with a slight awareness of the damage he might take and to use that to my best advantage.

So given that you might be able to see what I have built by clicking the link above, I figured I’d just leave a few choice comments to fill out this entry. First of all This is heavily based in the rampage tree, the skill not used at the end of that tree makes you fire faster, reload faster while gunzerking. This could be useful am sure but I feel fire rate and reload speeds, well I don’t think I’m missing out much put it that way. I could swap out the Gun Lust 5 points that are spent on Quick Draw, but I just felt like the critical hit damage was a big plus, yeah you might find Gunzerker you don’t get many as you’re just going crazy and not aiming great, but when you do get them, the boost will be much appreciated. Some I know will argue that you need more in the Brawn tree, to cover the more tanky abilities, maybe this build will develop in that direction once I get playing, who knows.

Anyway feel free to comment, thanks for reading.




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