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Borderlands 2 – My initial thoughts?

Ok so I have been playing borderlands for a week roughly now, got the game so late, due to a lot of unforeseen bullshit. First the game didn’t get delivered the day before because the driver had a heart attack, so they had to deliver it on release day, which of course, due to an accident on the M1 was delayed further. The game finally arrived at 3pm friday 21st september. So I hope all involved in accident and heart attacks are OK, but this proves games should be delivered a few days at least before release.

Now I myself haven’t completely bossed all the original borderlands game, I completed the first one in the main on solo, on xbox360, defeating the final boss with my friends from xbox live, in around 10 seconds lol. I completed the Dr Ned Zombie expansion on my xbox also. I have all on ps3 but I didn’t make it through them in time. So I digress on with my initial thoughts.

First of all a big thank you, to all at gearbox and 2k games for making this a huge hit. I especially want to think Randy Pitchford as his utter unyielding enthusiasm for the game in videos online, kept me excited for the game and I am now proud of the job they have done. It is by no means perfect but the game is a real winner for me.

So the game itself has comedy all over it, the fmv sequences, the characters random dialogue throughout, it is one of the most entertaining games for comedy value you will ever find. I was a big fan of claptrap in the first borderlands, so I was glad to see him in this one, but again it is only one after I hear the Claptrap Revolution expansion left us with only one claptrap or that is where they decided to take this story. Either way I would love for him to either have a female claptrap companion or make a claptrap as a friend for himself or something similar, maybe a pet dog?

The new menus look sweet, at first I was skeptical as I found the top buttons in your pop out menus a little hard to decipher. However it grew on me pretty quick. I’m enjoying the graphics upgrade, even though I know a lot of people can’t get past that, this is the borderlands style, comic book, cell shaded, vibrant but slightly retro I guess.

It is generally more of the same, the online co-op is dramatically improved with only a few minor issues for myself, it crashed once and has also once had some stuttering audio from other players, but it didn’t last. I like the new addition of area markers, helping you decide where roughly to say kill a few bandits or bullymongs. The new enemies, variants and new completely are welcome additions. I like the way they have changed the bandits and included the nomads and goliaths. I’m finding the stalkers interesting, they can go invisible if they have a shield, expected them to be very hard but they aren’t too challenging. The threshers, however can be a real pain, out of the new creatures so far though they tie with the varkids for difficulty for me, mainly because varkids seem to take a lot of damage and threshers deal more damage as they often throw stuff and swing at you, wormhole threshers are the worst so far. I thought I’d slip in here how I’m about lvl 21.

Difficulty is often a deal breaker for me, I’m not amazing at games, so often I need a game to have an easy mode, now although I got immensely frustrated at times, mainly due to progressing to quick through the main story missions before leveling up. I still think if you find it hard you should keep plugging away, although harder than the original, I’m guessing I’m yet to see any truthfully difficult sections, not been to opportunity yet, the supposed base of the main villain handsome jack.

Oh yeah before I finish up, I love the new siren, not as keen on gunzerker after now being lvl 8 so more on that another time. I feel the gunzerking ability is just not particularly my thing. I will be trying zero and axton in due course also. Mechromancer in october too!

I’d also like to add that I’m on PS3 and I often game with The PS3 Reapers, from 

Thanks for reading and be sure to check us out if you’re a PS3 gamer aged 21 and above :p



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