Allsorts of Stuff

Contemplating Shallow

Is it shallow to want a pretty face to wake up to?

Is it more shallow to desire a good figure in a woman?

Does this change if you appreciate a little extra on that figure sometimes?


What draws me to a woman, is her face, not only that

Her passion, her consideration, her will

I see young women all the time going through countless dickheads

I have been one before, maybe I will be again

But I guess I will always believe I try harder not to be a dickhead, than the next guy, or the last guy

I do not know if I am shallow

But I yearn to wake up next to the woman I love

Music allows me to build my life best I can, in hope

I keep myself entertained with games and of course the music I mentioned before

What will become of me, if I cannot find love once more?


Not brokenhearted, just disappointed


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