Allsorts of Stuff

Built for it but . . .

I think cut a long story short, I was built for the music industry, I love the stuff, it drives me constantly, the music that is. Whether I’m making it, listening to it or it happens to be in the game I’m playing it talks to me. I write the odd lyric as some might have already read, some could easily be poetry so I often bill it this way as I ain’t much of a singer. Writer yes, but singer, no. I keep coming back to my blog and writing some more dabbling in different ideas and seeing what I like the best, problem is, I think that is what I like best dabbling, even with my music I drift from style to style dabbling, breaking boundaries but still only dabbling in it.

So expect some more dabbling soon, I wish I could get the “rapping” ha, i do on a night to myself or in my head down on paper from the start as I was working on something other night and only got a small portion, but here it is:

Now I’m not into rap or hip hop

or their lets say, chavvy ways

or even their “designer” gear

or their attitude, please


But I seem to have an innate ability

To reach into my anger

And turn it into poetry

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Adlibbing from this point  – – – – – – – – – – –

The corporations all they want is our money

Their  loyalty schemes are just a fallacy

You think you’re money is safe in the bank?

You must be joking right, let me be frank


This world is not governed by the tories, the government or labour

Its governed by the families with power and favour

Yes they also have lots of money

When you fuck up, they just laugh and think its funny




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