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Need a new series to read?

Ok, readers, so I figured I hadn’t posted in a while, thought it best if I make a quick post. Borderlands 2 has been taking up much of my time recently, along with Fifa 13, however I wanted to mentioned a new series I am reading, that I’m getting rather immersed in.

It is “The Farseer Trilogy”, basically I’m currently only in the second book, I will say that I don’t remember exactly the first one, just that i thoroughly enjoyed it and am now on the second book. It is about a royal family, in the main there difficult plight with raiders and focuses on the bastard son of Prince Chivlary. Any fantasy reader would love it in my eyes.

Thanks to my friend Dave for lending me the first two so far and well check it out, its by Robin Hobb.



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  1. That is such a good series!! Robin Hobb is an amazing writer. I got hooked on her a year or two ago, when a family member basically sat me down and forced me to read the first book in that series. At the time, i wasn’t much into fantasy, so i had a lot of reservations, but the trilogy is incredible, and pretty much started me down the road to loving fantasy.

    October 10, 2012 at 10:29 am

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