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Borderlands 2 – PS3

Hey I just thought if anyone out there was stuck with no gaming friends on PS3 for playing Borderlands 2, you might want to join the group I’m a part of. The place is

Before you click the link above I will outline the terms, from my point of a view, trying to make it clear but I don’t know I suppose take the edge and stigma off it.

– You MUST have a headset

– You MUST be 21 or older

Other than that, just be a good gamer, not by skill but by respect and fun. Don’t go racing off ahead stealing all the loot, don’t go rushing off when others in the party might not be ready. I will be straight up and honest, this is my place to share my experiences with The Reapers, as they are known. I have had many great experiences with these guys. I have heard bad things on the Gearbox Forums, but maybe as much as 99% of feedback is good for these guys, especially on Borderlands 2. I feel you might not hit it off with everyone, some have broken mics, or kids that mean they don’t always use the mic, but you will definitely meet some gamers worth playing with.

I currently have a large selection of reapers on my friends list, we seem to lack british borderlands 2 players so I’d love to see more of those but majority of the guys seem to be from america, canada and europe too. Either way the group has a forum and it often just takes a little message on the discussion to gain a few new reapers friendship and hookup for some co-op action!

Feel free to drop my PSN ID  a message or find me on the forums  “djpixc”  please mention my blog in the message as it will help me to understand who you are, making it known you are not some spammer!

Thanks for reading people,



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