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Black Ops 2 – first impressions

Ok so I have had black ops 2 since 2am after the midnight launch in the UK, have been playing it, getting used to the new guns, game modes and league ranking system. I wanted to just get my initial thoughts across to the people who read my blog or will read this post.

First of all I’m going to mainly be negative in this review as I bought the game and well the positives aren’t really needed for a game that outsells most games regardless of how good it is. So forgive me if you want something more positive. I still like the game so far. I have only looked at online multiplayer and the combat training on local aswell as online with friends and public.

I don’t recognise enough guns, for me I would have liked a few guns that I knew, I only knew the scar and mp7 as far as primary goes, I don’t think I’m liking the mp7 as much in Black Ops 2 as I did in MW3. I think the SMAW is the only secondary I know. I’m a bit disappointed with this as I would have liked some more guns also, far as I can tell there doesn’t feel like there is as much choice.

The maps although pretty good and the main thing “NEW” I feel none will ever get the same acclaim that Nuketown, Firing Range or even Terminal from MW2 received, I find them to be adequate and interesting based on novelty value, I will see how I feel around christmas and also when new content drops arrive. Added to this is the amazing but overly so graphical quality, it feels a bit too polished, but thats maybe just a personal preference.

The league system is meant to be a big change and is reminiscent of halo, last I remember they had something like this and its good to see COD going in this direction, but seriously its a bit strange, I am by no means “good” at this game, my accuracy is terrible probably around 9% on MW3,  maybe less. My K/D ratio is shocking hardly ever positive and I often have the worst in games, my only saving grace is I try get many objective points and often am an excellent team playerm whether that be through mic comms or assists. I got GOLD league and would love to know how it is rated, the skill of a player is determined by accuracy and K/D  ratio in my eyes accuracy more so, so I find it hard to believe I should exceed silver, but who knows, I was finishing in the top three on my team almost every game in placement matches, although this is a welcome addition I feel it needs some serious testing and tweaking to make it a hit.

Lastly, the combat training, the positive is its still there, bots, namely recruit have clearly been made more intelligent and this in my opinion is a bit pointless, I still find them easy enough but they do a lot more tactical stuff and this is not how I’d expect a “recruit” bot to behave, definitely a regular though. So again this will be a case of time as I am yet to play it online with my most common combat training partners, still it has been fun to do some combat training in public games, although I’m curious as to how many human controlled players can be in one game at a time and how many slots would be taken up by bots, personally I’d expect each team to have a minimum of 2 bots, so to balance the game out, or not have bots unless needed, say for instance teams are uneven.

Overall multiplayer seems as expecte, slightly improved but still needs to iron out some kinks, you often get dickheads online, I myself rage but not at anyone in particular, I get a lot of stick from angry anally retentive players, who can’t stand to see someone in their lobby with a lot of deaths, they rant on about how I should stop playing, these people I hope will get banned one day, if you swear its fine with me, I do this often, if you have the odd banter with me thats fine too but if you slate me for being shit, then go fuck yourself, I’m not an anal nutbag sitting on the game purely to win and be the best, I know I suck so grow up and just let me rage about how crap I am, or mute me and just play ok.

Anyway bring on some Black Ops 2 this weekend, hopefully with the Reapers from or the new Norweigans I have enjoyed playing with this last day or so. The game will be played regularly so although I might be disappointed it is still an improvement, just one last thing, Activision, Treyarch and Infinity Ward, make millions possibly billions off this gaming franchise and yet we still have to pay huge money for the game and all its content, they are not the worst offender but it would be nice to have some free loyalty rewards again this time around. By the way the worst offender is EA in case you didn’t know.

So yeah thats what I think so far,



2 responses

  1. James

    I think a major improvement to the game is the story mode. I am the sort of gamer to play the missions before i head online.

    November 14, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    • djpixc

      something I’ll look into then, thanks for the heads up, never been a COD campaign mode fan, prefer other games for story 🙂

      November 15, 2012 at 4:11 am

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