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Tangents on Tuesdays – regular slot?

Ok guys, so I feel I should get some routine into this blog, I was up late the other night and had the idea to do a slot of my rambling once every week, not sticking solidly to it but trying to keep a regular stream of random ramblings coming to your feeds. I’m a big fan of Ross Noble and presently tuesday is pretty much a do what I want kind of day, so I figured tangents on tuesdays. I’m not sure what will go down and I won’t be until I start typing.

WARNING SPOILERS – Misfits series 4

This week however I wanted to touch on Misfits, then I shall see where I go from there. Ok so I was a big fan of Misfits, the first two series were epic, Nathan left and with him took a lot of the humour, but Rudy did somewhat save the day, now at series 4 here are my first thoughts on how things are going. Misfits is like Skins with Superpowers, now although Skins was very successful, this is not what Misfits was to me, I hope this is not the general plan for Misfits, a cast that changes more or less every series. I like the additions of Finn and Jess, Rudy has good chemistry with both of them, but Curtis going, well yeah not many people were big fans of him but surely people didn’t want the only surviving member of the starting cast to go? So yeah that to me was a big bummer. I do think the series has gone too much into relationships and not enough crazy weird stuff going on. The first two series were all about freaky stuff, that is what Misfits is all about for me, it kind of sucks that they are always concentrating on relationships, If I wanted that I’d watch a soap opera. So yeah not too happy with Misfits series 4 right now, the only saving grace is Rudy, maybe the fact that Jess is pretty cute and Finn is socially awkward and will they, won’t they which I’m guessing is a no.

So Misfits done, lets talk music, I found a new guy for tutorials and tips on music production, DJ Vespers, he is on youtube, seems to know his stuff, definitely worth a look, think he primarily does glitch and dubstep but I could be wrong, I think he delves into Neurofunk as I have seen a Neurofunk Bass video to do with him. I’ve only watched his tips videos so far on the more workflow and for want of a better word boring bits of music production. I seem to have a thing for canadians on youtube, as I think that is where he is from and also another youtuber that I follow and watch is Curtis Paradis. This second guy is a legend, his VLogs are funny, he is just one crazy stand up guy. he does videos on Sims 3 and a new thing he has going on is NOW, a show that talks about news type stuff that is happening in the world. He won a Shorty Award, so for those who don’t know him go check him out, hes got internet creds haahaa.

Here are their links below:


for those of you interested, I have my own YouTube channel, nothing much going on there yet, thinking of starting a VLog but not really sure what form it will take, I play COD and was thinking I’d stick the camera on me while I play, my friends all think I’m hillarious when I play it online, so why not give it a go. Keep glued for more news on this, but I think its time to move on.

So my final topic is nicely brought up in that last bit COD, more specifically Black Ops 2. Ok so I was a saddo and went down to the midnight launch like a sheep and bought Black Ops 2. I wasn’t much into COD games until the original Black Ops, so I figured it made sense that the second treyarch installment would be my first midnight launch. I got a free can of Monster because I forked out the extra £35 to get the season pass. Which incidentally has gone up to £42 on PSN, so thank you Sony and Activision and hopefully you will fix this soon. They are working on it by the way, Sony said Activision set the prices. Activision said we didn’t set the price as that and we are working with Sony to find out what happened. My guess is that Microsoft being the hogs that they are have the exclusive and wanted a big difference in price, Sony might have wanted a few extra quid to help fund the playstation network and possibly increase my online storage, please? Anyhoo Black Ops 2 is OK, for those who didn’t like Black Ops, I’d still give this one a go. For those who don’t like MW3 same applies but beware try it before you buy it, its changed a lot, it don’t feel the same as either. I myself find it laggy for now. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone with less than an “up to 8mb” connection as that is what mine is and when I have two players on one machine it starts to lag or loses some speed. I do however think as usual the maps look great, note “look” great, I don’t think any will gain the mass whoring that Nuketown or Firing Range got on Black Ops, they just all feel very boringly similar. Hijacked seems one of my favourites to be the popular map, purely because it is on a boat, its quite small and most of my friends seem to like it. I can’t wait for new maps as maybe we will see something different. I kind of wish I hadn’t sold my Black Ops but I may buy it again for dirt cheap online sometime. So verdict is Black Ops 2 6.5/10 and just in case you were wondering MW3 7.5/10 Team Defender is too awesome!

So folks that about covers my rant for today, but I’ll try be back here again next tuesday, it may not for some of you be till a few days after, especially if I write it on wednesday early hours but I hope you enjoyed reading and enjoy your day or whatever you have left of it.



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