Allsorts of Stuff

You’re busy I know but…..

You’re busy I know, lots on your mind, things to do but

I just think I oughta get this down and off my chest

I think about you all the time, not really sure why

I wonder over our history, any possible futures

The drunkeness, the sleepiness happy memories I guess


You’re busy I know

But I find it easier to talk to you over most people

Though I must admit some things are better left unsaid

Some I wish I could pluck up the courage to say

But maybe I don’t because I know we are not on the same wave


Maybe I’m scared of losing you

Maybe I’m being selfish

I know you’re busy but I still miss you


This ain’t requiring your response

Just me, getting it across

Still unsure, I’m knew to this but I might love you

Or maybe I’m just too stressed


You’re busy I know

But speak soon


Hold on I thought of some extra lines

And well I seem to have the time so…..


I could get just a little cheesy and I often feel that if you didn’t believe me

You would have said so by now

I wish all those times I could have beaten you to that world

Instead of watching you venture there, feeling like a creep

Cos I can’t sleep


There ain’t a moment I don’t wonder why

One night didn’t turn into my time

Why I blew it and I tried to piece it back together

But I cried so I sit here and lie, that everything is ok between us

This new guy is where I want to be, right by your side

He has your attention, but we seem so alike, just I’m a little less fake

From all the stories this what I take

Maybe hes just more of a man and you need me to hold your hand when it all comes tumbling down

Cos I’ll be there, thats just who I am, the one they turn to when life gets them down

I paid the price for being a shoulder to cry on so many times

I lost all mine, they left me long ago, only you left now

Can you read how this is difficult for me somehow

I’m left wishing all my past blunders were somehow thrown asunder so that I could not be alone right now


Yes after a rave, there is something that I crave

And maybe I could turn into someone who could get that back at a whim

But then I wonder why am I not him right now?

You might not be able to give me that fix, at that time I prefixed

But if I knew it was on its way I would see the light at the end


For this time I carry on and write cos believing you and I

Might be together one day, you never say never and I know you don’t want me to wait

But I might wait, who knows, I know I find it hard because as I say

If it feels right, why wait

So I feel I’m rambling on, about you and how you’re almost gone

but this is me, as you know, so maybe this is what I’ve been missing with you


I’ve not yet rambled on in obsession yet about you

Not dragged it on in letters or in song, maybe I feel you might think it wrong?

Do I not hold myself and how I feel in high enough regard to just blurt it out

And let you realise how I’ve felt for so long


Yes I noticed how you hated it when he acted just  a little like me

Some similarity seems to make you think, I wonder

Do you stop and realise maybe for even a second you might feel the same as me

Maybe you just think, if we tried you’d contaminate me or control

So that I would not have chance to grow or something like that


Part of me wants to think that this was far too long for you to bother to read most of it and that it stays hidden from you

But another part wishes you to read it all in hope that you would change you’re mind sometime

Then again am I ready, who knows, but this needed to be done so

I know you’re busy but……

I think I love you



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