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Tangents on Tuesday – Difficulties and more . . .

Ok, wow seems like only yesterday I decided to try and do a regular tuesday post, talking about whatever comes up, a week has gone by and well I was going to just wing these blog posts, write whatever comes to mind at the time but last night I played some more Hitman Absolution, the end few missions in the story and I feel I have to mention the game, so here goes.

My friend and I have been playing Hitman Absolution for a while, he is not the best at games and neither am I, so we set it on easy. I must say although in places its relatively simple, I will warn you this game is rock solid. I can see a lot of gamers arguing the toss with me about this one but last night I triumphed over what I can only describe as a seriously frustrating challenge. The end game saw me up against a rooftop full of enemies, who “apparently” had zero visibility. This is not represented well in the game, probably because it would make the game too easy. So after working my way across I found a minefield set out, after a few attempts getting past the first section I worked out an easy route, then hit another section which looked impossible to cross. I do not understand why it has to be so challenging on easy difficulty, hard difficulties are there for a reason ya know. So with a little instinct I managed to shoot my way through a few mines and kill the bad guy at the end, the relief was plain to see and I relaxed with a big smile on my face, still wonder why EASY is not actually EASY at all, I feel it should be a walkover, there are enough difficulty settings after all.

So yeah sticking with games, I am currently playing a lot, Borderlands 2 being one of them. I am near the end of the Torgue DLC I reckon and am hoping that I can test out some new Torgue gear in the near future, still a little confused and miffed that the DLC keeps adding new currencies, making it harder to get better loot, giving us chests with green and white rarity loot, why, all our loot is going to be bigger and better than the white and green, just stupid if you ask me. So about to fight Piston I reckon so this should be fun. Then I have a few other games on the go, now that I have helped my friend complete Hitman Absolution, he has kindly lent me the game, so I will be looking at that. I have Assassins Creed Brotherhood just arrived for me to check out, so I’ve just started playing that today, definitely seems good, again some of the free running or puzzle gameplay is very annoying for me but its a good game. Then I cannot forget I have FIFA13 career modes on the go and a WWE13 Universe Mode to play with.

Now the weather is getting colder, I’m not looking forward to the ice, snow is fine, but with it comes ice, this makes the world stop where I am sometimes, hopefully it won’t bring too many problems this year. With this also comes the coca cola advert and the christmas madness of early everything. Don’t get me wrong I like christmas, the food most of all, but I don’t think christmas should start until at the earliest, two weeks before the day itself. I can understand stock for shops coming out 1st december, maybe even a few days earlier and christmas songs for me would have to wait until at earliest a week before christmas. I guess as we get older we get more cynical and more scrouge like when it comes to christmas.

My final little bit would be a little plug for my music page, if anyone wants to follow me on soundcloud, my latest projects will be posted under Noroch, I have an older profile with some stuff I made earlier at Djpixc and thanks for reading.




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