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Tangents on Tuesdays – another late one

Ah here we are again Tangents on Tuesdays, I want to apologise but to be quite frank I got mowed in with a number of things this week, my parents ruby wedding, where I was in charge of the music, nice selection of my mum and dads music along with some modern and 60s stuff. I enjoyed it but it seemed to have set off a big chain of slackness on the things I look forward to most and increased my social activities in the “real world” and also sleeping was much afoot. I can’t remember very well what went on after the gig, I didn’t drink apart from one Jack Daniels and Coke, so I’ll put it down to me not the drink. I was up early monday to go to my government funded job club type place to see my new advisor, very tasty young lady that seems to be on the ball, so hopefully we will get somewhere finally. Then I know I watched WWE RAW monday night even though I had planned not to. It was the slammys and was quite good in places. I will talk more about this in a wee while. I also had to go to the drs on tuesday and then visited a friend tuesday night after getting the family guy multiverse game, which incidentally is despite its distinctly disappointing reviews, a lot of fun, again more on this later, So I’m going to post this now to explain my lateness and well give me time to do a few things I should have got time to do this last few days then hopefully tomorrow I will write the rest of this weeks entry. Hopefully this will keep you going and to all those celebrating Merry Christmas, I can’t wait for the food!

So I finally get round to adding to this blog entry, didn’t manage to wake up early but here I am, I wanted to talk about RAW as it was the Slammys and they deserve a mention. The best moment on RAW for me was when Brad Maddox came to collect his award, only to be beaten to it by my pick Kofi Kingston, that handstand to save himself from the royal rumble was epic, fully deserved, yeah I can see how people think Maddox should have won, or even the other nominees but Royal Rumble is coming up and it was nice to give it some publicity ha. AJ is one of my favourites right now but the reason she is in my blog today is well negative, she has so much potential, as a diva not just a bit part, so I have to say I’m disappointed WWE seems to be using her to bring in some monster who could have easily made an impact on his own, AJ’s creative story is one of the strongest from WWE right now, to use it to aid others is clever, the angle with Ziggler and Cena has worked, Ziggler is hopefully going to take things to the next level now. Jerry winning although I understand why they did that and it was nice for him to win it, it was epic that he came back from that heart attack, his support is massive, but it does feel like a bullet dodging save, as they couldn’t give it to anyone else without taking some flak. Now for The Rock, let me get this straight, in a business which is scripted and planned, The Rock won an award but couldn’t come and accept it? He is coming back at the royal rumble to face CM Punk but they didn’t want or couldn’t build it slightly with a bit of a promo? If its The Rocks schedule then he should not be nominated, regardless, we don’t need him taking the spotlight away from people who want to be involved in the business as much as other guys do. I appreciate all he has done for the company and he is an awesome guy, but this is just pointless waste of an award. I even tweeted him.  All in all RAW was ok, it went up and down throughout but was worth staying up for even if I hadn’t planned it.

Sticking with the wrestling theme, I wanted to make a few points on WWE 13. The commentary seems very lazily put together, they have been doing WWE games, THQ, for years, they might work with new developers and such like but they know the score, its time they got things right first time. “The Champ” comes down for commentary, but it happens that it is the number one contender or just his current rival, why can it not be coded in so that it remembers if that wrestler is a champion or a rival or a number one contender. Anyway there are a few slack points in the game that I’d like to draw attention to, one gripe I have is with Universe mode, you have one cut scene for interfering in a match, this instance sometimes even occurs when interference is not requested. I also think that you should be able to press triangle in order to interfere in a cpu vs cpu match. That way you can stay in the TV style broadcasting and interfere from that. I will probably do a full review on the game at somepoint but I got distracted from this tangent and fear I have lost interest in continuing this for now so I may try to add to it before christmas but for now enjoy this paragraph.


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