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Christmas Tangents on Tuesdays

Ok so Christmas is here, so I thought while I’m watching some classic comedy. I’d wish everyone a merry christmas and share a bit once again.

So I’ve officially got my new Harley Benton Electric Violin. It looks good and I think it will take some serious practice, so I’m on the look out for a teacher to show me some basics firstly. I am hoping that the current thoughts of difficulty and a little defeatist attitude will go away in the near future.

I have been enjoying a break from Call of Duty games to play some FIFA 13 and WWE 13, so I figured I’d share some of that with you. WWE 13, my universe mode is shaping up to be a little strange, I am hoping that in the near future I can get the platinum for it, Owen Hart who I downloaded from community of creations, is looking set to team with the in game Bret Hart, so that could work, they look to be trying to feud with the Acoyltes but at least three teams are above them so I’m curious as to why the team hasn’t been formed yet. I also get a bit frustrated that if i simulate a match, usually cos I don’t want to play it, it just re-books it for the next week. Think I will be doing the Royal Rumble tonight, with HBK as the previous winner, who knows who might get the win, I do wish I could have four rosters in one show, maybe I can come up with a compromise. Some testing may be in order.


So on to Fifa13, having taken Huddersfield Town into the premiership, my new youth prospect, young 17 year old brazillian Bento Dano is doing well having scored twice I think so far this season, as a left winger. I’m looking close to upping the skill level to Legendary. I was unlucky to go out of one cup, I forget which to QPR on penalties in the same week that I beat them. I am around mid table for now so hopefully a mid table finish will stand in my good stead to reach europe next season. I need cover for midfield as I have a very small squad. With my big signings for my entry into the premier league, it would be interesting to see if people think anything of them. Joe Cole, Stephen Caulker(Spurs) , Danny Wilson(Liverpool) and Conor Wickham(Sunderland). I also had to bolster my youth squad which I currently have David Grant a scottish central midfielder who I gave the odd run out last season, now out on loan and my new central midfielder Coleman who is providing cover until january. I have Eric Lichaj brought in from Villa and a lot of the original squad have been moved on, Caulker is taking over as the rock in defense, oh and I forgot my new keeper Randolph, about same skill level as Alex Smithies so they both get rotation. Fifa 13 is a much better experience in many ways, the one thing I think that would improve it would be better support for the lower league sides for all things, I’d also appreciate the ability to create your own kits and other kit related improvements. I’d like the option when I am Huddersfield Town for instance to change the all blue kit, away kit for the moment, to the old red kit, just so that it is different and will work better when the home kit is not available. I hate having two teams play in blue. my scouts are bringing back some new talent for my youth squad but I feel they also could use some improvements, like training in new positions and developing them in youth squad.

But its back to Christmas Day, got my jumper on and I’m waiting for the boring stuff be watched so I can get to watching dr who, damn family and their soaps, why they clash emmerdale with dr who i’ll never know dr who is too popular for that kind of competition but trust me to land with the family who don’t like it, bah. So have a great day guys and thanks for reading!



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