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Tangents on Tuesdays – Happy New Year

Ok so the new year is officially here, yes people we made it to 2013. Happy new year to all my readers and newcomers alike. Today I’m doing a less tangenty rant, more of a plug for my clan on black ops 2. I am currently leading a clan as part of the PS3 Reapers, based on we are an adult gaming community, 21+ only, headsets required. It is an amazing community but we lack a strong british collective. I’m from England and know a few English reapers, but we need more. I’d also like to encourage anyone, from anywhere to get in and be a part of the reapers. We only ask that you sign up on the site first, introduce yourself, I’d love to see more activity on the black ops 2 section in the forums and more people online playing.

I’m not a brilliant player, my K/D ratio is terrible compared to most but I am a great decoy and objective mode player with teamwork always at the top of my list. Whether that be distracting, hitting a point on my own to split the enemy or covering someone getting a care package. Since finding out that we can save custom game modes, say for testing out a maximum loadout or a new tactic, practice and get that confidence boost I think we could really push the fun factor with Black Ops 2.

Currently I am in the process of becoming a team leader for black ops 2, but I just wanted to push the clan, its a real good community with a lot of friendly gamers, with a good vibe. A place to game with mature adults, but don’t worry we still have a lot of fun, its not a really serious vibe.


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