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Eager to post even though I’m full of cold . . .

Hey folks, just had a marathon session on Black Ops 2 with some Reapers and friends 2 different groups, even played some hardcore TDM, didn’t do too bad, to say I suck. So yeah think NYE gave me a nice stuffy cold. Had a few lemsips and it feels like its keeping it slow shifting, but not quick enough, got my first violin lesson with my new tutor on monday, a small social event to go to tomorrow night, realised that the channel 4 mashup is on while I’m out and was going to give that a look, big fan of some of the channel 4 presenters so it’d be nice to see them doing something different. Maybe I can get it on 4OD?

So not seen much wrestling recently so I might try and catch TNA tonight, missing a lot of good talent from the WWE that TNA managed to get hold of, Kurt Angle, Mr Anderson, RVD and Jeff Hardy, probably more but they stand out for me. I think Jeff did right leaving WWE he is too big a star to be sitting warming the roster even if he likes a spliff or whatever. Kurt Angle I believe may be back when his TNA contract runs out, but who knows. I know Mr Anderson could have been big and RVD was too much of a pot smoker to get his much deserved push in WWE. I have to make do by using some of these guys in my WWE 13 universe mode.

Universe Mode is pretty sweet, at present I just completed my Elimination Chamber PPV, heading to Wrestlemania where Edge will meet Wade Barrett, before you summise I’m from the UK and Barrett will win, I’m actually a big Edge fan and although Barrett did win the rumble, I’m likely to let Edge keep the title seen as he just won it. The Rock However will probably drop his WWE title at Wrestlemania, but Kurt Angle seems to be the only one likely to take it from him. I think I need to find a way to  bring some new tag teams into my ECW brand, so far Dudleyz and Corporation ain’t cutting it, incidentally my Corporation stable consists of the following, Paul Wight, Big Bossman and Heath Slater, possibly David OTunga might be added as Shane and Vince are not active.

Tried getting DX to form, but it isn’t working. I hope in the new WWE game we might get the option of tweaking the frequency of these storylines or developments, for instance put the tag team storylines up to max until you have a few new tag teams, then knock it right back down until you want more. I often find superstars I don’t care about get lots of storylines and I’m left playing single matches until ppvs.

Anyway I’m going to head off now, so thanks for reading.



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