Allsorts of Stuff

Curious To Know Myself

Had some inspiration from Sizzla a great reggae artist, well it might be Ragga, I know reggae might be a little different to this but he speaks to me so much, what a guy, some great music inspiring words, so decided to dig deep.


Its simple, I look at my time since I had my moment with you

I realise I’ve not truly been into anyone else since that night

Nothing happened but in a way it did

I think we opened a door and forgot to go through it


I am sat waiting at that door for you to walk by again

I know it might not happen but I’ve been sat here ever since

That is just the way it feels to me


They say I am stupid for waiting

If it was going to happen it would have already happened

But really if it was going to happen it would still be to come

If it had already happened it would been in the past

Maybe it is, but signs keep coming, confused as I am

To make me keep sitting here just in case


I think I need people to keep calling by that door while I wait and help me grow

Grow so I can reach the door on my own and knock that special knock

So you will answer




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