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Tangents on Thursday – lost track of time

Ok guys, this has been a long time coming, I found some spare time to share some stuff with you and have been posting a little but forgot about Tangents on Tuesday so here we are on Thursday. So please enjoy, I am a little wound up but excited about some new goings on too. First of all let me talk about WWE13.

Yes this is the WWE13, why THQ you lazy bastards section. I am a big fan of THQ and their work with WWE games, the developers whether THQ or not have struggled to produce wrestle games over the years and always seem to miss things out for me. I want to draw attention to a few things that are for me, major buzzkills(MAJOR BUZZKILLs for those who get that cheap pop!) So interference, is still in the game as it was in this first incarnation, the same boring cutscene, where one superstar lays out the ref in the beginning of a match and then you come running down the aisle and choose your poison. Excellent but why no new cutscene, like say the ref gets squashed in the corner if a super heavyweight is involved in the match, or someone mistimes a spear if they have that move? Also why can’t I come in from the crowd sometimes, or even have the option of standing at the titantron or just on the screen and distracting the guy for a school boy roll up? Seems very basic for such a modern era game. My next pet peeve, is the barricade grapples, I have never seen a WWE superstar headbutt another while on the barricade, maybe at a push I could see Cactus Jack, Big Show, Haku, some guys like that doing it, but not every single superstar, its ridiculous. I am unsure what other options there are as I haven’t explored the movesets much, still going for the platinum tbh. I would hazard a guess that  there are two moves possible, with the other being the throw into crowd option, this is good but we need at least one more if possible three. Look at the grapples on the backstage brawls, maybe these would work. Look at older incarnations of wrestling games, use your brains, do some work. Don’t leave stuff out that has been done before and people liked it, put it in, stopping making the game basically watered down. One other thing, Royal Rumble matches, I want to be able to exit the ring, get a weapon come back in, maybe install a count out function on this match so that I don’t just sit out there til the end. Same with elimination chamber, I want the extreme rules chamber option, adds another layer of fun to the game, that way I can have my extreme elimination chamber at extreme rules or elimination chamber have one of each. Lastly, don’t just have on/off switches for the storylines and bits in universe mode, have a slider that enables me to slow down the frequency of tag team splits, these can get annoying but i don’t want to completely turn them off, same with face/heel turns. This game is getting close to where I want it to be, just give me as many custom superstar slots as my ps3 can handle and I’ll be happy.

So with WWE 13 out of the way, I’d like to share my first tune of 2013, Positively Glowing, a Hard Tech tune, sort of anyway.

Please feel free to comment on soundcloud or here.

I have also officially started learning to play the violin. I’m only sorting out my fingers at the moment, I’m struggling with my co-ordination but I’m excited to keep on with it and my teacher seems pretty good, so fingers crossed. My only irk was that it cost me £10 to find my teacher as I went online and found her through some site that charges a fee, suppose its only fair but my first lesson was free so lets call it £10 and then we will see how things go at £18 a pop.

This year should be an excellent year, Sim City comes out and I’m eager to play it, GTA 5, long overdue and behind its times now but will still sell loads and am sure will be a smash hit regardless with all the sheep buying it. I myself am eager to await next weeks Borderlands 2 DLC, big fan of the game so far, it feels like its missing something compared to the 1st game, but its still awesome and great fun when you got a group like the PS3 Reapers to roll with on . That aside The Last of Us should be epic and I think there are more good things for 2013, least of all a suspected new generation of consoles, with PS4 hinted for December!

Anyway thats it from me for now. Should be back to normal next week, but as you know don’t hold me to it!


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