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Tangents on Tuesdays – DLC, Cold Snap and WWE

Ok so I’m back for another Tangents on Tuesdays. I wanted to share my excitement for some new Borderlands 2 DLC, I’m currently having a break from trying to get vermi to spawn with a friend in Tundra Express. Its a bitch with just two people, I’d advise 3 or 4 people in future. The new DLC is on its way today, hopefully not too late for me, as I am in the UK. I’m looking forward to it I must say, but wish the level cap would turn up sooner. I feel with Borderlands 2 I’ve reached a solo plateau of fun, its not going to get much morre fun, on my own, I have friends to play with but its not always easy to party up as they are often in different countries. Still should get some more game time with the new DLC.

So DLC then is another thing I’d like to point out, £20 for my Borderlands 2 season pass, reasonable if you ask me, but £42 for a Black Ops 2 season pass, don’t think so. I won’t pay £42 for it, I keep asking activision about it, they say they are working with Sony to get the price down but I’m not so sure they are doing anything about it. Its the full game price again to get all the extra content at a knock down price, which to me is daylight robbery. I think people should boycott the DLC until its reasonably priced. I am pretty pissed they are even allowed to charge this amount.  One other theory is that Sony is wanting to make money out of it. That being said someone is greedy and needs to be starved!

So on another note my studio is freezing right now. So I’m making this a relatively quick typing session, ha. A light frosting on the ground outside no major snowfall in my local area so far though.

Now the WWE had its 20th anniversary of RAW last night I watched a bit of it, its on late for me so I ended up going to bed near the end, missed The Rock and the Cage match I think. Seems they don’t make RAW like they used to, its not as good as it was before. I’m just hoping The Rock wins the title and then drops it come WM, hopefully to either Ziggler/The Miz or back to CM Punk, while I think Punk has had it too long now, he is the best guy in there, much better wrestler than Cena, even though Cena is a great worker. I’d much rather see Ziggler get a chance, or The Miz. Undertaker could be another possible challenger for The Rock, with title vs streak at WM, have Taker win and then retire with the streak still intact and some form of tournament or scramble match for the title at the next ppv, maybe even some beat the clock matches to determine who enters where or what.

Anyway, going into a warmer room now, enjoy you’re week and thanks for reading!


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