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Tangents on Tuesdays – who knows?

Ok, so I was thinking about starting this last night, but I decided against as I lay in bed, finally rid of a headache that had been plaguing me since around 6pm. So here I am for another edition of Tangents on Tuesdays, a little late, but better late than never right?

So I’m not sure what I want to talk about but having just got Dishonored I won’t be making it a long one. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. How games are often pushing the difficulty to new height, forgetting the slightly nooby gamers like myself and leaving us tonnes of unfinished games and content. I am a big fan of Borderlands 2 as some might already know. I play online with a gaming clan from america, known as the reapers from we all have headsets, we are all 21+ its quite a good adult gaming community. I find it works better for me to have a few on with me as when it comes to the big bosses I suck. I find a lot of people I come across mainly outside the reapers, tend to have the attitude of, “how can you not do it, its soo easy” well blow me someone got amazing at games and decided if you can’t do it, you are stupid and suck. well fuck off is all i can say to those people, not all people are like this I know, but I find it much easier to relax and enjoy if I get all the way through the game, enjoying it as I go. That doesn’t mean I don’t want a challenge somewhat, but not something too challenging. I have another friend who is worse than me at gaming, hes not that into it and so finds them a lot harder, his disability means hes not very good with maps and moving from A to B, or figuring out stuff, but he does ok. I feel sorry for him because he is limited on his choices of games due to his tastes and lack of interest, but sometimes I feel he wants the same, regular new game intake that I have. With a distaste for first person games for some reason, a lot of great titles in my opinion have slipped past him. So maybe in due course he will grow to love them too.

That being said I’m still plodding on with Universe mode in WWE 13, I need to understand why this edition seems to have so little control when they claimed so much was available. I see very little cutscenes, unless I play all the matches all the time. I can’t seem to form the tag teams without stabling them together or moving them from show to show. I have 3 major shows, RAW, SMACKDOWN(old logo) and ECW. I have two tag teams on ECW Santino and Zack Ryder as challengers and my champs would be Team 3D, D’von and Bully Ray. I did have The Corporation, Paul Wight and Big Bossman but they got drafted to RAW where I disbanded them and formed my new Corporation on Smackdown with Shane McMahon and Test. I struggle to get anything going on ECW, tag team wrestlers most notably D’Von seems to be constantly in the main event in singles action, where as random teams are put together between people I don’t want to team. Sometimes I change this but it doesn’t seem to remember it, I have an interesting match shown up on ECW though, Jeff Hardy vs Ezekiel Jackson w/Scott Hall, followed the next week by Matt Hardy vs Ezekiel Jackson – seems that the Hardys could theoretically join up after this to face the pair, but I doubt they will, I’m eager for the Hardys to join up, also Chavo and Hernandez need to join up but thats not happening it seems unless I manually edit it.

Lastly, I am hoping that the BETA for Sim City will be my chance to play the game, registeration is unforunately closed now, I don’t know if I have been accepted and we are it seems bound by law not to talk about it once we have access, so fingers crossed and I might have to find out if I can blog my findings after the BETA has been closed, or if I have to wait until its fully out or maybe even not at all. Would suck if I couldn’t share my opinions on it with you all once the BETA is done with and they have my feedback. So now time for Dishonored a quick blast before I go out!


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