Allsorts of Stuff

I often find myself making my own fantasy stories up, having some me time and I use the characters I know in my life and myself and I wonder how it might play out, if we were all a little hyped on sex and in most cases if they all were into me, like I know they ain’t but hey its fun to dream it up and well I’m not going to name people but I thought I’d try write some down.

I’m laid awake in my bed, the golden watch cool on my skin, I tap it twice and set the time three hours back, the next three hours were going to be awesome. I text her, saying “Come round, I got something to show you” a few minutes go by, me smiling to myself, a little excitement forming across my face and spreading through my body.

She texts back “What is it?”

I text her saying “Come round and you’ll find out, we always used to dream of having something like this ;)”

She texts againa “Ok, I’ll be 30mins”

The next 30 minutes were the longest I’ve ever know but they didn’t exist, or rather they wouldn’t once she got here, that’s the beauty of a time travel watch.

The doorbell rings, I answer it and put the latch on as she walks into the flat, she stops at my bedroom door and I wave her in, I sit down on my bed next to her.

“So what is it?” She asks, clearly a little frustrated that she doesn’t already know

I pull the watch out tap it and set the time back 30 minutes, I smile and tell her to check her phone.

She looks down at the clock on her phone  “But thats what time I set off . . .  .  . is that like Bernards Watch then?”

“pretty much, similar I guess” I confirm her suspicion

“Now we needn’t worry about having a ‘Quickie’ huh?” I say. Flashing a cheeky grin.

“Oi, cheeky!” She snaps

I lean in and brush my lips against her cheek, she doesn’t back away, I wait a little and kiss her neck, moving myself closer and sense a little arousal from her. I back off a little, to look at her and she returns, I feel a knowing gaze, I lean in, our faces so close but not touching, I lick her nose, she laughs and pulls me closer, we kiss again, this time with a little more passion. I return to her neck kissing it gently, her hand seemed to go straight for my crotch, but avoid it and land upon my leg moving higher. I’m falling deeper into this moment, knowing full well I have the power to relive it again and again, I break off and she lifts off her top. I always wondered if she ever wore a bra, I must have been drawn in by her curvy figure as she nipped my leg as if to focus me back to the moment, we kissed again, it seemed like forever my arms round her, I slowly distracted myself with her neck, kissing a little lower until my tongue was circle each nipple one after the over, stopping now and again for a kiss. She had been wrestling somewhat with my boxers, I lifted myself up and she slipped them off and threw them to oneside, moving up to kiss me once more . . . . . .


This was kind of hard for me to write but I wanted to give it a go, thanks for reading.



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