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Tangents on Tuesdays

So here we are again its that time of the week again. Another tangents on Tuesdays, so whats going on with me, well I am learning violin, I had a nice starter electric violin bought for christmas and made it a kind of promise I’d get some lessons, so I had my 2nd lesson last week and managed to do a little bowing, I am not doing great but I am doing better than I expected in a way. My Harley Benton seems to have a good sound for the price aswell. I’d recommend one to anyone looking to start who needs an electric or would prefer an electric. So aside from that I got dishonored, it came out last october but I was busy with Borderlands 2, still am really but everyone I play with plays it less often at the moment. So yeah I’m liking Dishonored but its not easy for me, I find myself feeling I should get youtube up while I play to make the game less stressful for me, but I wish I didn’t have to. Games tend to be too hard for me, maybe its my dexterity on the controller or co-ordination, or just my head.

Given its 2am nearly, I’m not sure of much else to write, but I will comment on the latest from the WWE. The Royal Rumble happened on sunday night and I managed to catch it as I was still awake when it started. It was a good PPV, nothing special mind and the rumble match itself was predictable in the end result which left me feeling disappointed. It pains me to say this but I wish Ziggler had won it. I’m not overjoyed by the Punk vs Rock match either, I feel it was a compromise on both sides though which is good. The Rock is however a part timer who will probably leave after Wrestlemania, giving Cena the title back be the looks of it. a waste of an opportunity if you ask me.

I will leave with a question. Do people who like cheese have a foot fetish?

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