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Call and Answer

I once heard a song by the Barenaked Ladies, called Call and Answer, I really liked it, this is part of my influence and inspiration for what I am about to write. If you don’t know them you may have heard the theme tune to big bang theory, they did that too.


There is no answer to the question why?

Only why not?

I can keep asking, without a reply but why would I want to?

Why not?


I never stop calling, but I never get an answer

Some would say stop calling, then maybe someone would answer

Or simply call for you, so you could answer


I suffer from impatience, I do not see why we should stand and wait for things to happen

Sometimes I try to wait, maybe even for the wrong things

But still no answer, maybe I am not worth an answer

Maybe, as some would say, the best answer must always be saved til the very end?


So if you hear me calling, don’t forget to answer

For I would answer you, if I knew you were calling


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