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Tangents on Tuesdays – WWE13/14, CornedBeefHash and Snow

Ok so Tangents on Tuesdays is here again, I left my brain a little time to come up with some ideas for this weeks, I was only going to do a little rant about the WWE Universe mode again and what improvements I hope to see in the next WWE game, so it made sense to let things stew and find some more to blabber on about.

So first let me ask you, why does the snow in the UK cause everything to grind to a halt? Even if its only a tiny bit. I myself don’t find it stops me doing much. I am lucky in that a bus runs from my flat near enough right through to my mum and dads, when my grandma was still with us I could also catch a bus through to her also. I don’t live an unwalkable distance to either of them, same town, I’d say around 50mins walk to my mums, with maybe an extra 20mins to my grandmas. I am waiting on a new headset this week and was expecting it yesterday, well maybe monday if I was lucky. No such I luck I sit here Wednesday morning or rather midday, still not here. I wonder if because a little snow fell, they will use that as an excuse, or is it just the annoying fact that royal mail often suck. I think the problem is that if a postman has to go out in snow, he might slip and fall, if he does, he will blame royal mail for sending him out in such bad weather. Surely if he used his common sense he wouldn’t slip? Maybe they could give them shorter rounds when the weathers bad? Take your time going down snowy areas, everyone still gets their post, people still work, jobs a good un! Nope rather avoid any possibility of a lawsuit even though a decent judge would realise that any person capable of delivering post should be able to be careful in bad conditions surely, friggin polictical correctness gone mad if you ask me. I remember a story about a woman living off the beaten track, had her post delivered every day without fail for years, then this last year or so when the weather was bad or something, no post, she had to collect it at this little box thing at the end of a really long path, its not even like the path was that bad, suppose it could be slippery at times but there was a huge field right next to it, wear wellies and use it, basically its laziness if you ask me.


So bringing me to yesterday, I decided to give making Corned Beef Hash ago, for those who don’t know what this is, its a casserole or slow cooked dish, You can ovenbake it, fry it, or like I did do it in a big pan on the hob, I used a dutch oven I think its called. It consists of Corned Beef, Potatoes, Tomatoes and Onions. This however is the base for the dish, you can add in various things and so far I have known the following to be added. Carrots, Sausages, Beans, Sweetcorn and Peppers. I decided on this occasion to throw in some beans and peppers. I’m a big fan of peppers and had some handy already chopped. You basically throw it all in a pan, usually adding some stock and seasoning then cook it through until the potatoes are cooked.  My attempt went OK, but I burned it somewhat, as I needed more stock in mine for the time I left it cooking. It still tasted good, a good first effort I reckon. So basically I’m hoping that next time I can come up with a better time frame and see some better results.

So crunch time, the WWE have recently I believe handed the gaming rights to 2K games since our beloved THQ left the games industry. I was a big fan of THQ, they produced some excellent games, Red Faction and WWE games being the main two that stuck out for me. However, not to take anything away from them but 2K games, have been one of my favourite game developers/publishers for a long time. The 2K sports series have been good, from what I have played but most of all for Borderlands 2, but here are some notable titles, Bioshock, Mafia 2 and XCOM:Enemy Unknown. So yeah some good titles for sure. So this is me commenting on WWE games of late, specifically the WWE13 version and putting my thoughts on it once again. WWE14 ideas maybe, we shall see.

First of all I want to wake everyone up to the bullshit that is, freedom, flexibility and choices in WWE13. We do not have enough choices, they have made a good start however, so I don’t want to rip on them too much. I think 2K games need to look at WWE games past and then look at how they could be improved, my first point choices, we want more choices, needs to implemented most of all. The graphics are good enough, don’t waste much time on these. I don’t care what stuck up dick says, graphics are not what makes the game worth playing. So here is my first gripe, I am currently playing with a 3 brand show, ECW/WCW, Smackdown and RAW, this means I have three major titles, not two. I want the flexibility to have a royal rumble so that the winner can face any major title holder. I wamt the same flexibility with the Money in the Bank contract. I also would love to be able to have three separate, money in the bank ladder matches throughout the year assigned to different belts, or do three which can be cashed in on all, but for that say only one at a time. I want to be able to have three rosters take part in a minor show. For example I have a HEAT show, but it only has RAW and Smackdown guys on it, I’d love to be able to have ECW/WCW guys on there. I have a lot of talent on my rosters, the vast majority of these don’t get regular matches, some sliders to determine how much of the roster is used, what section of it is used on each show would really help. Say for instance I had a lot of ECW/WCW guys not getting a match, then on my HEAT card, I could have a slider of ECW/WCW guys from say a roster of 35 people, 20 – 35 will be in HEAT matches, the rest on my ECW/WCW show. I found it really annoying in WWE13 that I was struggling to get a tag team to form on my ECW/WCW brand, I have a lot of tag teams already but only two on my ECW/WCW brand. I wonder if there is a limit to how many tag teams there can be in the system, if so eliminate this please or at least set it a lot higher than it already is as I’m fed up of the current system. So on thatI used to play a game called EWR, it was a text based wrestling simulator and allowed me to register lots of tag teams and have them inactive, this might be cool and I could see in WWE13 the early makings of this, with the tag team finishers. It would be a cool new feature I think.

I just had an idea for a trophy for WWE14 aswell, “being held beck” this would be where you give a superstar, possibly a custom superstar every minor title on your schedule but no major titles, not sure if this would include tag team titles or not, but this would be something different for the hardcore fans to chase. Anyway back to the ideas, I have said this before and I’ll say it again, WWE games have for me yet to beat the Royal Rumble I experienced in a RAW game on xbox. I could exit the ring and get a weapon and use it in the match, this was epic, really fun. WWE is WWE and a WWE game is a game, keep it true to the WWE but give us more options, we have the freedom it is a game after all. OMG moments could even be used in this match, like Kofi seems to be producing a lot of big OMG moments at the rumble. maybe have each superstar have an OMG rumble moment that if CPU controlled has a certain % chance of occuring when the positioning is right. Going back to sliders though I really think the game needs an extreme slider for making storylines happen much more often or much less often, I get lots of small cutscenes with chair shots and run ins, but nothing else. This seems very controlling and limited for me, sort of lazy too. I’d love to see some big changes in user controlled things. WWE games have for me always taken two or three steps forward then 5 steps back, or made great leaps and then forgotten everything they learn and made something new and lacking.

Incidentally my last comments made me think about my ECW/WCW brand and the lack of control over the brand match  cards, in comparison to the ppvs, I’d love to be able to set my ECW/WCW brand to 90% extreme rules matches. maybe have the opening two matches as normal then the rest be extreme! I was never into wrestling before 1998 so I missed a lot of the “good old” ECW days people speak of but I appreciate the cry from hardcore fans for a real ECW when Vince ruined it by making it more PG. We can only hope that WWE and 2kgames combine to give us a more flexible and appealing experience. A longer story wouldn’t go a miss either!

Thanks for reading,



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