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Sharing some music . . .

I am just going to share some music I’m listening to at the moment, my music tastes if you keep an eye on my music vary very much, but they do sometimes venture into some slightly more commerical music, these are some tracks that I have been listening to and they might surprise some people . . .

Katie Melua is one of my favourites, love her voice, very talented musician it seems also.

This version of Skazi/Infected Mushroom – I wish , one of my all time favourite psytrance tunes, a banging beat and some lyrics I can relate to, I even did my own lyrics to this once, but truly I would have this tune as one of my songs for my life, maybe requested for my funeral who knows :p

This is one of the deepest, most emotional, most painful but beautiful tunes I have ever heard, I was introduced to this not so long ago and I must say I share the video with lyrics purely because the lyrics are so deep, you need to read them in case you miss them, a real thinkers song, but beautiful even on its own merit. Patience is an awesome tune.

Hope you enjoy these tunes 🙂



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