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Tangents on Tuesdays

So, another tangents on tuesdays folks, well I can’t say I’m sure what I would like to talk about on here this time round. I’ve been pondering a lot of things recently about myself, considering where my life is going, for now nowhere, but also questioning myself, my lifestyle in particular. I’m an avid gamer, I spend a lot of my time gaming, I neglect a lot of important thing, I’m not proud of it but to me household tasks, a regular sleep pattern and searching for more rejections on the job market are less important. I’m questioning some of this, my first steps seem to be to draw me back to my music. I am learning to play violin and I hope that I can gradually get myself more interested in this and maybe even use it in my own productions some day. I also am doing this to try cut down my gaming time. I recently came across an article that stated that its better to go cold turkey on gaming. While I accept the idea, I cannot commit to going cold turkey, I enjoy gaming too much, it is a relatively cheap way to keep myself entertained, either through free games, trades or the odd new game saved for. I spend far too much money on games, looking at this year alone so far in the two months I have bought Dishonored for around £25, 2 sims 3 expansions totalling £30 and preordered SimCity at £65, that last purchase is a very steep one in my opinion. That is £120 on computer games in 2 months, a very steep price, but I’m not a complete them in a few week kind of guy so it balances out in time in some ways. SimCity and Sims3 is a life long gaming session if you want it to be so that is big value. I see this as better than wasting it on drugs, alcohol or smoking aswell which a lot of my friends do.

So I’ve also been looking at my diet and exercise, realising that I try to walk a lot, but I sometimes take the bus because well, take Ingeus for example my job search course, they refund your bus tickets, so basically, it encourages you to get the bus, get a day ticket go see some friends, visit family, all for free, its a nice way to get out for the day. I have felt that I need to do some sort of push ups and sit ups routine as I have got quite a pot belly on me. I was planning on getting a rowing machine but as I’d want a good one having been on an air rower in the gym, I can’t really afford one. Again this has resulted in me looking at what I eat. I figure I like enough fruit and vegetables to eat healthier, my main concern is effort in preparation, I’m a little lazy when it comes to cooking, I grew up a little spoiled and had most things done for me until I moved out. I only learned to open a tin of beans or w.e when I stayed at a friends house and his mum was so shocked I couldn’t do it and showed me. I did ok by the way. I make a mean pasta bake but yeah its not the healthiest food option. I’ve attempted stew and dumplings and cornedbeef hash aswell, both were ok but I need to practice.

So personal reflections aside I recently submitted an idea for a snack based gaming peripheral, Syndicate an awesome Call Of Duty youtuber amongst other games, got to trip down to london with Mattesons and I thought it was a fun video to watch. I’d love to get into making youtube videos myself sometime, but I would prefer to do videos on WWE13 on PS3 so its not cheap. I’d have a crack at some Sims 3 or Sim City when that comes out, so watch this space people, fingers crossed once my headset arrives, I might be on the lookout for some recording software and give you a zany commentary on my sim city buildings 🙂



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