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Latest from my WWE Universe

I thought I’d just share the latest from my WWE universe mode on WWE13. I just managed to get the Gold Standard trophy, I had Jeff Jarrett win all the belts in consecutive shows, so I am somewhat in the process of removing him from all belts. Dolph Ziggler has become the man on smackdown winning the intercontinental and WCW belts but seems to struggling to fend off, of all people, Billy Gunn. Yes Billy Gunn has had to get taken from the intercontinental title picture because he was ruining my flow on the race to beat Dolph, he is still no1 contender to the wcw title, but thankfully it will be a championship scramble match with Dolph, Kane, Tommy Dreamer, Billy Gunn and DDP. I know my smackdown roster must suck right? Wrong, The Rock, Triple H, Del Rio, Cena, X-Pac and Cody Rhodes are all on smackdown. The random results however do leave you wondering if it truly is random.

Scott Steiner and Steve Austin are feuding for the US title on RAW, not my choice, I simulate it all as I want to concentrate on my WWE title picture for now, Jeff Jarrett needs to lose the belt, for my clean sweep to be complete, Jericho is my new ECW champion, but so far CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and wait for it . . . Scotty 2 Hotty have failed me. Yes Scotty is well out of it now thank god, I rate him but only as a tag team star. Rikishi is MITB holder, so maybe he will cash in on Jarrett sometime soon, who knows, seems a bit buggy though.

ECW finally has some more tag teams, I split Cobro up and moved The Uso’s onto the show giving Chavo n Hernandez some competition for that no1 contender spot, so far not much going on. JBL and Daniel Bryan could be my next big feud for the Hardcore title. I need to slow Daniel Bryan down in the main title though if this is going to work, as he is no2 contender to Jericho behind a surplus to requirements Jeff Jarrett. Matt Hardy seems to be pushing for a Hardcore title opportunity along with Brodus Clay. I’d like to have Matt and Jeff back as a tag team but it doesn’t seem to want to happen, they keep facing off.

RVD has slipped really badly down the rankings since losing the belt long ago, it seems they don’t book certain superstars very often, maybe a 4th major show is in order and smaller rosters?



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